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Emily Little’s interiors have been a constant subject in her painting and, like her landscapes, display her highly personal use of light and colour. The works are made with water-based paints and rice paper collage, hand-coloured by the artist.

Although some works refer to places visited or lived in by the artist the interiors themselves are never simply an illustration of a specific location but through colour, light, form, and shadow they strive to go beyond the descriptive in order to arrive at a sense of space and atmosphere.
The interiors are created in the studio from watercolours and sketches made on-site as well as from memory. A constant feature of these paintings is a window which provides the primary light source and from which departs a fleeting play of light and shadow, simultaneously creating and destroying form within the interior. There is a vibrancy and animation in these intimate, closed spaces.

The artist cites works such as Turner’s ‘Interior at Petworth’ as being highly influential in her formative years and her approach to the interior.


Interior With Red Vase
Blue chair
Interior with plant

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